There are many different Paddle Boards on the market, for this reason it can often not be clear which paddle board suits you the best. Although a buying guide can help you with your choice, a review can make the final decision. For this reason, we strive to make a review of every Stand Up Paddle Board, Electric Pump and popular accessory on our webshop. This way you can easily find out which board and/or accessoire suits you best!

moai 95 review

Moai 9'5" Paddle Board

Grade: 8,8


Moai 10'6" Paddle Board

Grade: 8,9

moai 11 paddle board review

Moai 11" Paddle Board

Grade: 9

Moai 12'6" Paddle Board

Grade: 8,8

Moai 12'4" Paddle Board

Grade: 8,5

Moai 14 Paddle Board

Grade: 8,2