The inflatable Paddle boards from Red Paddle Co are the best inflatable Paddle boards in the world. Paddle boards from Red Paddle Co are of unprecedented quality. The boards are surprisingly strong and stiff. The Red Paddle range is very diverse, they offer the right SUP for every person.

Red Paddle Collection 2023

The new 2021 collection of Red Paddle Co is now available on our webshop. The Red Paddle boards have been given a new look. In addition, there are also nice and better upgrades, such as: v-hull, new bungee fever, a faster titan II pump and finally a twin fin.

Check out all the upgrades in the video below:

Inflatable Paddle Boards

Red Paddle has been focusing entirely on inflatable sups since 2008. Their knowledge makes them the number 1 specialist in the production of inflatable Paddle Boards in this field. It is a brand that always tries to innovate without compromising on quality. Quality comes first at Red Paddle at all times.

The inflatable paddle boards are easy to take with you everywhere. The sups fit in the unique supplied backpack. So you can take your Stand Up Paddle Board everywhere with you at all times. Another advantage of a Red Paddle board is that you have it inflated within 5 to 10 minutes thanks to the Titan V2 pump. So you have more time to enjoy yourself on the water!

RSS stiffening system

Red Paddle SUP has a patent on the “RSS stiffening system“. This special technology is therefore only used with Red Paddle. This system ensures that the supboards become even stiffer, so that they bend less and have less resistance on the water. Red Paddle therefore almost equals the hardness and stiffness of hardboards.

Up to 5 years Warranty

If you register your Red Paddle SUP via the Red Paddle Site within 3 months of purchase, the warranty will be extended to 5 years!

In addition to Red Paddle, we also have Fanatic, Moai and Aqua Marina in our webshop. Not sure which Paddle board/brand suits you best? Then take a look at both our Paddle board buying guide and our inflatable Paddle Board buying guide.

In addition, we also have a special purchase guide for Red Paddle CO Paddle Boards.

Check out Red Paddle’s 2023 collection: