Who are we?

We are David Ziessen and Jaimy van Wijngaarden. On this page you will learn everything about us and how the company was founded.

We’ll start with David Ziessen first

In 2012, I (David Ziessen) saw someone go over the water with a board and paddle for the first time. Then I immediately started surfing the internet to see what exactly I was seeing. This turned out to be Stand Up Paddling. I was sold right away! My thought went straight to that I should introduce everyone to supping. Since my sister has had a water sports / boat rental for years, called Nikano Boat Rental. It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to set this up with her. I just didn’t have the money to buy stand up paddle boards, so that’s why I decided to sell my newly bought car, to be able to buy stand up paddle boards for rental. Since 2013 I have become co-owner of Nikano boat rental in Nieuwkoop. I actually came into my sister’s company through supping, I also obtained my ASI certificate, which allows me to give sup lessons internationally.

about us david ziessen

SUP really became my passion for me. My own webshop actually started from our rental. So this became our webshop Isupcenter.

Fortunately, I employed a very good boy named Jaimy. Who took full responsibility for the website. This is how the collaboration with Jaimy started.

Jaimy van Wijngaarden

My name is Jaimy van Wijngaarden and I discovered supping when I occasionally helped David with the boat rental. What I discovered during this time is that I really enjoy supping and doing business. I wanted to turn my hobby into my job. I got the chance to take over the webshop and in this way we came to the conclusion that David and I could become better business partners. With the motto together we are strong and together we can do more. These days we are busy making our webshop as extensive as possible with as much information and quality SUP products as possible.

Our goal is to get as many people as possible on the water and to introduce as many people as possible to nature! Hence this nice combination, the rental and the webshop Isupcenter. The I stands for inflatable! Inflatable SUP CENTER.

We are the paddle board webshop in both Europe and the United Kingdom, and therefore also the specialists in the field of inflatable supboards. Our Stand Up Paddle Board webshop has a large and wide range of inflatable sups. From the beginner to the advanced supper, everyone is welcome! 

View our collection of sup boards on our webshop.

about us

Quality and service​

ISUPCENTER always goes for the best quality and service. We are the #NR1 specialist in inflatable supboarding in Europe. We strive to deliver all products that are in stock as quickly as possible. The delivery time is indicated for each individual product. You can contact us at any time for advice on which product suits you best.

Why order from ISUPCENTER?

  • Professional advice
  • ISUPCENTER goes for quality
  • Large product range
  • Free shipping with the purchase of an inflatable supboard
  • Free shipping above €95 in Europe
  • Order without a account
  • Secure payment