Want to buy a Fanatic SUP? Fanatic is one of the leading water sports brands in the field of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and windsurfing. Fanatic was founded in 1981. This indicates that they are always striving forward with quality and service as the main goal.
fanatic sup

Fanatic has grown up in the field of windsurfing. In 2010, Stand Up Paddling was added to the range. Sebastian Wensel is Fanatic’s top shaper. He has introduced the CAD technology in the production process at Fanantic SUP.

Addicted to ride

Fanatic SUP is also known for the quote “addicted to ride”. This actually says what Fanatic stands for. The love for water sports is the catalyst to create more and more dream Paddle boards. Fanatic is quality, innovation, knowledge, experience, consistency, integrity, Ocean Minded Spirit and above all passion!

The right Paddle Board

In addition to Fanatic supboarding, we also have Red Paddle, Aqua Marina, Zray and Moai SUPS in our range. Can’t figure out which sup board/brand suits you best? Then take a look at our paddle board buying guide and inflatable paddle board buying guide.

In addition, we also have a special purchase guide for the Fanatic Pure Air series.

Check out Fanatic’s 2023 collection: