Welcome to ISUPCENTER, the SUP webshop in Europe. We have the largest collection of SUP boards.

Paddle board range

We offer various types of paddle boards. From the lower to the high segment. From an all-round paddle board to a race paddle board. You will also find both inflatable and hardboard SUPS in our webshop.

Our brands

We offer various SUP Board brands, including:
Red Paddle Co, Fanatic, Yolo, MoaiAztron and Aqua Marina.

Buying factors

What do you pay attention to when you buy a paddle board? The length, width and volume are among other important properties. These properties all influence the stability, manoeuvrability and speed of the paddle board. These are the main points when choosing an inflatable SUP.

Advice on purchase

Do you want to know which sup suits you best? Then read our Paddle board buying advice guide. Do you have questions or need personal advice? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to help you!

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