Adjustable SUP paddles

On this page you will find various adjustable SUP paddles that are for sale at ISUPCENTER. With an adjustable SUP paddle it is simply possible to adjust the SUP paddle. Adjustable SUP paddles are available from 165cm to 220cm long.

Benefits of adjustable sup paddles

Of course, an adjustable SUP paddle also has advantages. With such a paddle you can easily determine the length that you prefer. Of course there is a length that is recommended, but this is not always the length that you might prefer. With an adjustable paddle you can try and determine this yourself.

An another advantage of an adjustable paddle is that you can also lend it to others. You may be able to share a paddle with different people, because it is adjustable you can adapt it to each person who uses it.

Adjustable aluminum paddles, glass fibre paddles and carbon sup paddles are available in our collection.

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