SUP paddle 3-piece

A 3-piece paddle is super handy. This SUP paddle consists of 3 parts and is therefore very easy to carry. The paddle is very easy to slide in and out. You can easily put the 3 separate parts in a bag and you don’t have to take a huge paddle with you.

Advantages of a 3-piece SUP paddle

Here we have some advantages for you why it is useful to choose a 3-piece SUP paddle. Firstly, such a paddle is easy to disassemble and carry. When you take the paddle apart you have three parts, the longest part is a maximum of 80 cm, this fits easily in a bag.

Another advantage is that it is also easy to store. When the SUP season is over, you can easily store the paddle. A long SUP paddle is a bit more difficult to store and therefore often gets in the way. A 3-piece SUP paddle is also easy to take with you on the plane.

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