A Foil board is smaller than a normal Paddle Board. A foil board must be manoeuvrable to be able to manoeuvre quickly.

Foiling is the new supping. In addition to a Foil Paddle board, you also need a foil. You can also use a foil board in combination with a foil wing.

To be able to Foil you need the following:

> Foil Board
> Foil
> Extra option: Foil Wing


There are different styles of foils. SUP and Wing foiling are currently very popular. We have listed all types of foiling below:

> Surf foiling prone: this is basically wave surfing, you try to create a small wave yourself by using speed. Here you lift yourself above the water
> Sup foiling: through hard paddling and the right movement you try to get the board up
> Wing foiling: by means of a wing, you try to get your speed to get the foil up
> Windsurf foiling: through a windsurf sail you try to get speed and get the foil up

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