difference between pure and premium fanatic paddle board

Difference Between The Pure and Premium Fanatic Paddle Boards

Fanatic has two new Paddle Board lines since 2020. Namely the Pure and Premium line. In this blog we explain the difference between the Pure and Premium Fanatic Paddle Boards.

The price

One of the first things you will notice is the price. The premium line is easily +/- 40% more expensive than the pure line. But what makes the difference in the price? We explain it below.

Single and double layer

Fanatic’s pure boards are single-ply and the premium boards are double-ply. This means that the pure boards consist of 1 layer of PVC and the premium boards of 2 layers of PVC. The difference between a single ply and a double ply board is big. In addition, the premium boards from Fanatic are also double-layer fusion. This means that the 2 layers of PVC are not glued together but fused together thanks to a special production method. This makes the boards even firmer, stiffer, more stable, faster and offer more comfort.

verschil tussen de pure en premium fanatic sups

The pros and cons of the pure line

Both the pure and premium line contain some advantages and disadvantages. These pros and cons are important for making the right choice. Below we explain both the advantages and disadvantages of the pure line:

Advantages Fanatic pure boards

  • Lightweight thanks to the single layer PVC
  • Competitive price range
  • The boards use the well-known Fanatic quality
  • Nice designs
  • The packages are complete and also competitively priced

Disadvantages Fanatic pure boards

  • More vulnerable thanks to the single layer
  • Contains more flex than a double layer Paddle Board
  • Is less stable, firm, comfortable and fast than a premium board

fanatic ray air premiumThe pros and cons of the premium line

Fanatic’s premium line also contains various advantages and disadvantages. Check them out in the lists below:

Advantages Fanatic premium boards

  • Extra firm/stiff
  • Extra fast
  • Extra stable and comfortable
  • Lasts longer thanks to the 2 strong layers of PVC
  • These boards are the tip of the iceberg in terms of technology. You won’t need any other Paddle Board than a premium from Fanatic
  • The packages are complete so you can go straight on the water
  • The premium line has a quick-change carbon fin that does not require a screw

Disadvantages Fanatic premium boards

  • Heavier in weight
  • A lot more pricey than the pure variants

The physical difference between the pure and premium SUPS

As you can see in the above pros and cons, there are several differences between the pure and premium variants. The premium variants are therefore stiffer, faster, firmer, more stable and more durable. Thanks to the single layer of PVC, the pure boards are slightly lighter in contrast to the double-layer fusion PVC premium boards.

pure premium en diamond air fanatic sups

The paddle

Both the Fanatic pure and premium packages come standard with a 15% carbon paddle. This is a nice and sturdy 3-piece paddle. For the slightly more experienced paddlers, the premium package can be delivered with a C35 paddle. This paddle consists of 35% carbon and is therefore slightly stronger and lighter than the standard 15% version. This paddle is also standard 3-piece.

fanatic pure adjustable peddel

The tip of the iceberg

Fanatic’s premium line is the tip of the iceberg. The Fanatic brand is together with Red Paddle Co at the top. These are the two best brands in the SUP world. If you buy a Fanatic premium SUP then you know for sure that you have made the best purchase possible and that you will undoubtedly enjoy it for years to come.


If you are a beginner and don’t expect too much to grow in the coming years then a board from the pure line will suffice. If you want to grow in supping, the premium line is the best choice for you. As mentioned before, the premium line is one of the best variant boards in the SUP world.

The type of board that suits you best depends on your application and experience. Are you planning to buy a Stand Up Paddle Board? Then take a look at our paddle board buying advice guide.

Do you want to purchase a Fanatic SUP? Then view the best Fanatic SUPS.

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