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Paddle Board Valve Replacement: How Do You Do It?

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When your Paddle Board valve no longer works properly or you simply want a different valve, it is time to replace the valve. But replacing your Stand Up Paddle Board valve, how do you do it? We explain it step by step in this blog.

What do you need to replace your valve?

To get started, you first need all the supplies you need to replace your valve. The list below lists all the necessary items:

  1. A valve wrench
  2. And a new board valve that belongs to your paddle Board

Step-by-step plan to replace your Stand Up Paddle Board valve

In this step-by-step plan we explain step by step how you can best replace your paddle board valve. View the step-by-step plan below:

Step 1: make sure that all air is out of the Paddle Board and that there is no pressure on the valve. This is very important for your safety!

Step 2: when all the air is out of the board, unscrew the cap from the valve

Step 3: when the cap is off, you can unscrew the valve with the valve wrench that is in the repair kit until you can loosen it further by hand

Step 4: when you have loosened the valve, you can remove the valve from the paddle board

Step 5: now put the new Paddle Board valve in the place where the old valve was

Step 6: turn the valve into the board by hand until you can’t go any further (tip: make sure you turn the valve straight, otherwise the screw thread may break)

Stap 7: when you cannot turn the valve any further by hand, take the paddle board valve wrench and tighten the valve with a few more turns. Note: make sure that the valve is tight but do not turn it to far, otherwise the thread may break

Done: now you are ready and you can go paddle boarding again with your Stand Up Paddle Board!

Video explanation Stand Up Paddle Board valve replacement

If you prefer to watch a video about replacing your paddle board valve, you can do that too. In the video below, Red Paddle explains how to replace your board valve:

A malfunctioning valve can be caused by several factors. Make sure you maintain your Board properly at all times. Read our maintenance guide to find out the best maintenance tips for your Paddle Board.

Please note: we are not liable for any damage or injury, we only give advice!

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