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SUP Workout!

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During stand up paddle boarding you use almost all muscles, it is a total SUP workout. Read below why:

Various SUP workouts

There are several workouts that you can perform on a stand up paddle board. We’ve researched the 3 best sup workouts:

  1. SUP FITNESS: fitness is now also done on a paddle board, you use a number of muscles during SUP fitness
  2. SUP YOGA: SUP yoga is very popular, yoga is not only good for the mind, but also very good for the body
  3. SUP PILATES: with Pilates you also use a lot of muscles and certainly a paddle board makes that a decent workout

Nowadays there are special yoga paddle boards available, these boards can also be used for sup fitness and sup pilates.

Which muscles do you use during a SUP workout?

Which muscles do you train during a stand up paddle workout such as fitness, yoga and Pilates? We have done extensive research into why stand up paddle boarding is a real SUP workout.

See below which muscles you train:

Your legs

During stand up paddle boarding you always use your leg muscles. You are constantly looking for your balance so that you tighten your muscles well and therefore train.

Your core

Because your whole body moves during stand up paddle boarding, especially with various exercises and training sessions,  you are making extra corrections to keep your balance on a paddle board. In addition, you unconsciously get a lot of power for your paddle strokes from your core.

Your arms

During a paddle board work out you also use arm muscles, especially with the exercises of SUP Fitness, SUP yoga and SUP Pilates. In addition to all those exercises, you mainly use your arms when stand up paddling.

You use a-lot more muscles than above. But the muscles above are used most often and under the most pressure.

Would you like to know more about a specific SUP workouts on a Paddle Board? Check out the blog about yoga on a paddle board.

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