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Protecting Your Paddle Board From Dog Nails: How Do You Do It?

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In our previous blog ‘Stand Up Paddling with your dog’ we mentioned that it is important to protect your paddle board against your dog’s nails. Dog nails can damage both a hardboard and inflatable SUP. And of course you don’t want that! In this blog we are going to talk extensively about how to protect your Stand Up Paddle Board from dog nails. Protecting your Paddle Board against dog nails: how do you do that? We explain:

Why protect your Paddle Board against dog nails?

Why should you protect your Paddle Board against dog nails? When you start paddling with your dog, he will both sit still and move on the board. Neither is good for the board. If your dog sits for a long time, you will get prints of the nails in the board and when your dog moves you get scratches. Even though these scratches and dents seem harmless, they can seriously damage the board in the long term. For example, with a hardboard you can damage or even remove the protective layer and with an inflatable (inflatable) board it can even puncture or weaken. It is therefore important to always have protection on your SUP when you go supping with your dog to prevent any damage.

protecting your sup against dog nails

How do you protect your SUP against dog nails?

But how exactly do you protect your Paddle Board against dog nails? Fortunately, there are several simple solutions for this. A mat made of a special anti-slip material will suffice. Some people even use a doormat! A mat made of a rubbery material would be ideal as it will have the least amount of slip on your board. Your dog can also put its nails in the rubber without damaging the board and still be able to sit comfortably. We recommend a double-sided rubber mat and preferably with a pattern in it so that you have the least chance of it slipping. We also use a doormat as these are made of the ideal material and can also be obtained for a good price. See below where you can buy a anti-slip mat for your dog.

Where can you buy an anti-slip mat?

An anti-slip mat can be as simple as a doormat. As mentioned before, it is important that the bottom is at least made of a rubber-like material so that the mat has a grip on the board. You can generally get an anti-slip mat at the nearest hardware store.

red paddle life jacket for dogs

Bonus: life jacket for dogs

A life jacket for dogs is ideal for when you go paddle boarding with your dog. It can even be called almost indispensable. This life jacket has several advantages, which makes the SUP experience with your dog even better. Check out the benefits below:

  1. Your dog can easily float with it
  2. You can pull your dog out of the water with the life jacket
  3. You can clip a belt to the life jacket so that your dog can’t get off the board

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