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From When Does The Pressure Gauge of a SUP Pump Work?

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We get a lot of questions from customers when exactly the pressure gauge of the pump will work. That’s why we created this blog. After reading this blog you will know exactly when the meter of your Stand Up Paddle Board pump starts to work and therefore indicates the pressure (PSI) in the board.

How does a pressure gauge work

A pressure gauge measures the counter pressure that the pump receives during inflation. This counter pressure consists of the air that is in the Paddle Board. Thanks to a special membrane inside the pump, no air can go out but only inside the board. Because the air can’t get out, you get counter pressure. The gauge measures this pressure, and expresses the pressure in PSI or BAR.

red paddle drukmeter en adapter
Red Paddle Gauge

How many PSI/BAR should my Paddle Board have?

The PSI/BAR that goes up to a Paddle Board is generally 15 PSI or 1.03 BAR. Some boards have an exception that can have just a little more or less. Therefore, never pump more than the recommended PSI or BAR into the board. If you pump in more than is recommended (or the maximum), it can become dangerous for both the board and you.

You can find the recommended and maximum PSI/BAR on the side of your board or around the valve of your Paddle Board. As mentioned before, never go above this. This can have negative consequences for both the board and yourself.

From when does the pressure gauge work?

The pressure gauge of the pump will work when there is pressure on it. This means that you must first have pumped a lot of air into the board before the gauge starts working. So the measurement tool starts working from the moment you start to feel counter pressure while pumping.

How long does it take to inflate my Paddle Board?

The duration of inflating your Paddle Board differs per board and per pump. On average, it will take you between 10 and 15 minutes. We always recommend an electric pump for inflation. This way you save your energy for the water.

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