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Falling and Getting Up With Stand Up Paddling

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Following on from our earlier post about SUP techniques for beginners; trial and error with supping: what is the easiest way to get back on your Paddle board? In the beginning, the search for balance takes some getting used to for almost everyone. Therefore, find a quiet place to practice and start on your knees, as soon as that goes well you can stand. Don’t worry, we fell off the first time too! The video below explains how to get started on your Paddle board:

Fortunately, if you fall off, there is also an easy method to get back on your Stand Up Paddle Board. See the video below for the best method to get back on your SUP Board:

Are you going supping at sea? For your safety, consider purchasing a self-inflatable buoy.

David Ziessen

I'm David Ziessen, one of the SUP specialists at Isupcenter. Since 2013 I have been renting out Paddle Boards and teaching stand up paddling to people. Thanks to years of experience, I know all the ins - and outs of stand up paddling. Do you need some advice? I would love to help you!