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Best Electric SUP Pumps

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An electric Paddle Board pump is almost indispensable when buying an inflatable paddle board. But the choice can sometimes be difficult as there are various types of e-pumps. That is why we have researched the best electric SUP pumps of the moment:


de beste elektrische sup pomp outdoor master shark ii
Outdoor Master Shark II

1. Outdoor Master Shark II

The Outdoor Master Shark II is the current frontrunner when it comes to a fast pumping and high-quality pump. In addition, the Outdoor Master pumps your SUP up to 20 PSI. This is ideal if you have a Fanatic or Red Paddle SUP, for example. These paddle boards can go to 20 PSI, and not many electric pumps can achieve this.

The Shark II inflates a paddle board up to 15PSI in under 10 minutes. This is partly due to the patented active cooling system and two different pump positions. In the beginning, it pumps air into the board as quickly as possible, once the pump receives counter pressure, it automatically switches to another motor. This allows the electric pump to pump up your board to the set PSI or BAR as quickly as possible.


beste elektrische sup pompen
Star Pump 9 electric SUP Pump

2. Star Pump 9

The star Pump 9 is a really great e-pump, the big advantage is that it works on an integrated battery. The battery can be charged at home on your mains or in the cigarette lighter (12 volts) of your car. This makes the battery completely portable, so it can easily be taken anywhere. This pump can not only pump, but even charge your phone! There are 2 USB connections on the pump. In addition, it is even equipped with lighting. This is ideal for when you want to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the evening. The Star Pump 9 can inflate your SUP up to 16PSI! Even if you have a paddle Board that can go up to 20PSI, the Star Pump 9 is still ideal. A Board should never be inflated to its maximum during hot weather, so 16PSI is perfect. Because of the heat, your paddle board will expand and the number of PSI’s will automatically increase inside the SUP. With the Star Pump 9 electric SUP pump you can pump up to 3 boards in a row on one battery charge.



beste elektrische sup pomp
Star Pump 8 electric sup pump

3. Star Pump 8

The star pump 8 is also a great sup pump, but it doesn’t have an integrated battery. The big advantage of this pump is that it can be easily connected to the cigarette lighter of your car. The pump is lightweight and has a compact size, making it super easy to take with you. The star pump 8 is one of the best 12volt sup board pumps out there. it is internally (except for the battery) exactly the same as the Star Pump 9. The sup pump is equipped with a clear LCD screen with which it displays the pressure in PSI or bar. The pump will automatically stop pumping when it has reached the PSI or bar set by you. The Star Pump 8 also has an option to connect a power bank, so you still have a completely wireless pump. And the advantage of the Power Bank is that it is always easy to replace!




elektrische stand up paddle board pomp
Star Pump 7 electric sup pump

4. Star Pump 7

The star pump 7 comes in third. This is the slightly less fast version of the Star Pump 8. It does have an LCD screen but the volume flow (the inflation speed) is less fast than with the Star Pump 8, which means that it takes a little longer to pump your inflatable board. Like the Star Pump 8, the Star Pump 7 also does not contain an integrated battery, but it is easy to connect to the cigarette lighter of your car. This pump can also be combined with the Star Pump power bank to be able to use it completely independently of a power source.



Did you find this blog interesting about the best electric SUP pumps and do you want to know more about these unique electric pumps from the Star Pump brand? Then take a look at our article about the Star Pump SUP Board pumps.

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