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Useful Tips for Beginning Paddle Boarders

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Following on from our earlier post about the different boards out there. See also a video below in which some useful tips for beginning paddle boarders are given. Attention is paid to the paddle board itself as well as information about the most important accessories. Both the best Stand Up Paddle Boards and all necessary accessories can be found in our webshop.

Are you a beginner? Take a look at our SUP techniques for beginners blog. In this blog we also discuss some useful tips and the best beginner Stand Up Paddle techniques.

David Ziessen

I'm David Ziessen, one of the SUP specialists at Isupcenter. Since 2013 I have been renting out Paddle Boards and teaching stand up paddling to people. Thanks to years of experience, I know all the ins - and outs of stand up paddling. Do you need some advice? I would love to help you!