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Storing Your Paddle Board: Tips and Advice

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Following our earlier post about inflating and preparing your inflatable SUP, we now also have a manual for deflating your inflatable stand up paddle board. In the video below from Red Paddle Co you can see step by step how you can deflate and store your paddle board board properly.

Not only is the proper storage of your Paddle Board important, the maintenance of your board is also an important point of attention. We have made a blog about the best maintenance tips for your Stand Up Paddle Board, check out the Paddle Board maintenance blog for more information.

David Ziessen

I'm David Ziessen, one of the SUP specialists at Isupcenter. Since 2013 I have been renting out Paddle Boards and teaching stand up paddling to people. Thanks to years of experience, I know all the ins - and outs of stand up paddling. Do you need some advice? I would love to help you!