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Changes 2021 Collection Moai

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Moai made many suppers happy with their first Stand Up Paddle Board in 2019. This mostly has to do with their trendy design, strong price/quality ratio and also their complete package. Moai has therefore managed to establish itself strongly in the market within a short period of time.

moai veranderingen 2021 collectieThe former collection

The former collection was not wrong in itself. And certainly not for beginning paddle boarders. You got a complete and stylish package for a nice price. This has ensured that Moai has made a huge number of beginning paddle boarders happy with their first Paddle Board in 2019. The new 2021 collection from Moai has a few changes that make the Moai package complete and not only suitable for beginners. Check out the changes below.

Changes 2021 collection Moai

In Moai’s 2021 collection, there are a few remarkable changes that take the entire package to the next level. These changes ensure that the Moai SUPS are no longer only suitable for beginners, but also for intermediate and even advanced paddle boarders! Check out the changes in the summary below.

Changes Moai package 2021:

  1. us vin box aanpassing 2021 collectie moai
    US vin box
    The first adjustment is has been requested a lot, which Moai has complied with. And that is the vin box. The old vin box of the 2019 version was a simple version that you can also find on the cheaper Paddle Boards. This fin box is known to bulge in warm weather and in addition the fin can fall out quickly. Also, the clip system used with this fin box is not ideal. After a long paddle trip your fingers are cold and you can no longer slide the clip back without a tool, so this was not ideal. In the 2021 collection this has been adjusted in the best possible way. Moai has applied the well-known US vin box system that is also used on the high-end SUP brands such as Red Paddle and Fanatic.
  2. moai peddel 2021
    Moai paddle 2021
    At number 2 on the list is the paddle. This was a part of the package that could use some improvement. Moai’s 2019 collection was supplied with a paddle made of all-aluminium. The aluminum SUP paddles are known for their heavy weight. This heavy weight
    moai rugtas 2021
    Moai trolley backpack 2021
    makes for a less comfortable paddling experience. In Moai’s 2021 collection, the paddle has been completely adjusted. The paddle now consists of both aluminum and fiberglass. This makes the paddle a lot lighter and your paddling experience a lot nicer!
  3. Finally, Moai tackled the trolley backpack. This was previously completely black with only the Moai logo on it. For the 2021 collection, Moai has reinforced the trolley bag as well as given it a new design. The design corresponds to the design of the Paddle Board and the new paddle. This last adjustment ensures that the 2021 package is complete!

veranderingen 2021 collectie moaiThe effect

The effect of these improvements is enormous. Especially the US fin box and the partial fiberglass paddle. The US fin box ensures that you can sup with a quality fin (supplied in the package) and in addition you can easily get the fin in and out of the fin box without using any tools. The chance of a broken vin box will also be a lot less with the new edition compared to the old edition. 

The new paddle also makes a major contribution to the 2021 Moai package. The 2021 paddle is in fact a lot lighter than its predecessor. This ensures that your paddling experience is a lot nicer. The lighter your paddle, the less energy you need to use. In addition, paddling is also less hard on your muscles and the chance of injuries is therefore considerably smaller.

Not to be forgotten is of course the new trolley backpack. Even though the backpack does not contribute anything to your paddle experience on the Paddle Board. It Does contribute to a better and more complete package. A sturdy bag is more important than you might think, because this ensures that you have less chance of damage to the items in it and you can also carry the bag more comfortably. And of course the appearance of the bag is also not unimportant!

From beginners to experts

The changes to the changes to the 2021 collection of Moai ensure that the Moai SUPS are no longer just for novice suppers, but also for intermediate and advanced riders! The adjustments such as the US fin box and the fiberglass paddle make the 2021 collection suitable for everyone!

inhoud 2021 moai pakket
Content 2021 package Moai

Complete package

Now that Moai has made these changes, Moai has one of the most complete packages for the best price. You will hardly find other packages from other brands that contain the same quality. A fiberglass paddle and US fin box already makes a huge difference. In addition, the Moai package has always been very complete for its price. But from 2021 it will be one of the most complete, high-quality and competitively priced packages on the market.

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