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The RESTUBE Basic is an inflatable lifebuoy. This is the perfect tool for water sports enthusiasts. The inflatable lifebuoy is handy, compact and light weight so that you can always carry it with you easily. If you get into trouble on the water, you can keep your head above water with the Restube Basic. In the Netherlands we have a lot of diversity in water sports. Water sports have many dangers such as weather conditions that suddenly change or materials that fail. The Restube Basic is the solution to these kinds of dangers.

The Restube Basic comes in a compact waist bag. When you’re about to get into trouble, activate the Restube Basic by pulling the string. The lifebuoy then inflates automatically and offers you support when floating. By leaning/hanging on the lifebuoy you save a lot of energy. The Restube Basic is the ideal tool to keep your head above water.

When do you wear a Restube?

  • When practicing water sports
  • While supping
  • At sea
  • When you’re fishing
  • On board a boat
  • When swimming
  • When you are snorkeling
  • When diving

The inflatable buoy

When fully inflated, the Restube Basic has a buoyancy of 75N. This means that it can hold more than 7kg above water. You can hang from the Restube Basic to keep your head above the water. It doesn’t matter how small or big you are. In an emergency, always remove as much clothing as possible as soon as possible to lighten your overall weight. The Restube Basic stands out because of its yellow color!

The Restube buoy can also be inflated by mouth with the valve. If you have used the inflatable lifebuoy, you can then deflate it with the valve. This way you can store it again in the waist bag. The Restube can be used several times. The Restube buoy is made of high quality materials. The material of the Restube buoy complies with the European standard DIN EN ISO 12402, which is the same standard that is set for materials and components of inflatable life jackets. You can be sure that after purchasing the Restube Basic you will have a product of good quality with a long lifespan. The Restube Basic remains fully inflated and fully buoyant for a long time, even in extreme conditions. Every Restube buoy is checked for firmness after production.


The Restube can be used several times. It is important that you rinse it after use and let it dry well. To reuse the Restube, you must replace the cartridge in the holder after each use. Special patterns are available for this. These are C02 16grams cartridges, these are saltwater resistant. To reuse the Restube, place a new 16 gram CO2 cartridge in the holder.

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240 gram / 0,53Lbs

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