Red Paddle 8’10” Whip MSL

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The Red Paddle 8’10” Whip MSL is the golf paddle board of the inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards. This supboard is extra stiff, so it glides even better through waves.

Traveling the world with a hardboard is not easy. Also, the boards do not go together so easily with the airport and the plane. This board is the solution to this problem. An inflatable paddle board that you put in your backpack and barely notice it’s there. The Red Paddle 8’10 Whip MSL Inflatable stand up paddle board is very strong. A tractor was even driven over it during the test. The board has a narrow tail with an adjustable fin that uses the well-known FCS system. In addition, this board also comes with the popular RSS battens that make the board extremely stiff. You can insert these so-called RSS Battens into the side of the board to make the board extra hard and strong. The board has a deck that is made of high-quality material that provides a good grip.

Red Paddle has had a new production process since 2016. These Inflatable stand up paddle boards are made with the new MSL (Monocoque Structural Laminate) method. This means that the boards are no longer glued manually, but with the machine. This ensures that the gluing process is much more accurate and that fewer raw materials are needed to produce the board. Due to this production process, the boards are +/- 2 kg lighter than before and also stiffer while you pump them less hard!

Since 2017 they now also have a special hole in the board where you can attach your camera, phone, GPS, fishing rod etc. thanks to the special technology and contribution of the well-known company Ram Mounts.

Package contents:

  • Red Paddle 8’10” Whip MSL
  • Red Paddle Co backpack
  • Titan V2 pump
  • RSS Battens
  • FCS US fin box
  • Repair kit
  • A free waterproof phone case


About Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co is a company that focuses on the production of high quality inflatable stand up paddle boards. They are always trying to come up with new ways to make them lighter, faster, and cheaper, while maintaining the high quality and making them more manoeuvrable. They try to give as much value for money as possible. They have their own production process called ‘Tecair’. The focus starts on the inside of the board but accentuates towards the outside of the board. The inflatable boards are specially made with the highest quality called ‘drop stitch’. this high quality material has been specially developed to create a stronger and stiffer board. The boards are constructed with 2 strong PVC laminates. Basically it’s 2 boards in 1! The rail consists of 4 layers, so in other words it is extra reinforced. Due to these special methods and materials, the boards can be inflated up to 29 psi. Red Paddle recommends for the lighter user to inflate it to 15 psi. And for the heavier user up to 20 psi.

Additional information



150 Liter

Length in ft/cm

8'10" / 247cm

Width in inches/cm

29" / 74cm

Thickness in inches/cm

4" / 10,6cm

Mast foot insert



7,4kg / 16,3Lbs

Maximum PSI

20 PSI

Layers of PVC

Double Layer

Max. weight user

90kg / 198Lbs

My goal is




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