Stand Up Paddle Board  packages are extremely popular. Paddle board packages are ideal for the novice supper! When you purchase a supboard package, you naturally want to know which board suits you best. Read our advice guide to know which paddle board suits you best.

The price of a SUP package is almost always cheaper than purchasing a separate Paddle Board and paddle.

Advantages of a paddle board package:

  • Cheaper
  • Most sup packages consist of a paddle board with paddle, leash, pump and bag
  • The packages are qualitative and carefully composed
  • The package is complete, so you can get on the water right away!

SUP Brands

We have a wide range of different types of paddle boards from different brands. We have complete SUP sets from the following brands: Yolo, Fanatic, Red Paddle Co, Aztron, Aqua Marina, Zray and Bluefin. We have packages for both beginners and advanced suppers. View all SUP Board packages below: