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The next step – Moving on your Paddle Board

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In a previous post we shared the basic SUP techniques for beginners with you. The next step is moving on your Paddle board. It’s helpful to understand how your board reacts to your movements. The videos below explain how you can easily make a short turn.

Before you start moving on your paddle Board, it is important to know a few things. We have made an informative blog about the most useful tips before you go supping. So be sure to check out the blog if you have yet to start supping!

We also revealed the basic SUP techniques in an earlier blog post. The basic sup techniques are very important to master. So take a look at the blog if you haven’t mastered the basic techniques yet.

David Ziessen

I'm David Ziessen, one of the SUP specialists at Isupcenter. Since 2013 I have been renting out Paddle Boards and teaching stand up paddling to people. Thanks to years of experience, I know all the ins - and outs of stand up paddling. Do you need some advice? I would love to help you!