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The Golden Rules for Stand Up Paddling

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The golden rules for supping: Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an intensive sport! So make sure you have a good technique and a comfortable posture to prevent injuries. The video below explains the golden rules of Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

Try to read as much as possible before you start supping, this way you are well prepared before you go on the water with your sup board. Blogs such as handy tips for beginners and top 10 beginners tips are ideal blogs to collect your first SUP information.

David Ziessen

I'm David Ziessen, one of the SUP specialists at Isupcenter. Since 2013 I have been renting out Paddle Boards and teaching stand up paddling to people. Thanks to years of experience, I know all the ins - and outs of stand up paddling. Do you need some advice? I would love to help you!