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The Best Black Friday Deals For a Paddle Board At ISUPCENTER

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These days, the Black Friday deals are not just on Fridays anymore. There is currently an incredible amount of enthusiasm for sharp Black Friday offers in the SUP segment. Our Black Friday deals are active from the 19th of november.

View our Black Friday SUP SALE below.

Since we are a Paddle Board shop that focuses entirely on supping, we will offer competitive prices for selected SUP items on the Sale page throughout the week.

Best black friday deals for Paddle Boards:

1. Moai 11 Allround Paddle Board
2. Moai 10’6 Allround Paddle Board
3. Aqua Marina Fusion Paddle Board
4. Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board
5. Fanatic Fly Air Pure 10’4 Allround Paddle Board 

Best Black Friday deals for paddle board accessories:

1. Outdoor Master Shark II electric pump
2. Star Pump 8 electric pump
3. Star Pump Powerbank
4. Sup Wheels Paddle Board trolley
5. Red Paddle Silent Air remover
6. Seawag Waterproof Phone Case

Temporarily up to 20% discount on every electric SUP Board pump in our range!

Take advantage of the super black friday offers while supplies last.

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