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Best SUP Paddles For Touring And Racing

It is important to be able to paddle with a lot of comfort. Not only is the paddle board important, but also the paddle. This is especially true for people who are on the water for a long time and/or who want a lot of speed.

We have researched the best SUP paddles for touring and SUP racing. A fixed paddle is always better than a vario paddle (two-piece) or a three-piece paddle. A fixed paddle is a paddle consisting of a whole. In this study we therefore only talk about fixed paddles.

Best SUP Paddles for long SUP trips

If you are going to paddle long distances, you don’t want to hold a paddle that is too heavy. This costs a lot of energy. A light paddle is therefore a must for people who are touring or racing with their paddle board. We have made a selection of the best sup paddles for touring and racing. View our selection:

1. Carbon SUP paddle

A Carbon paddle is the most perfect paddle for touring or racing with your paddle board. A carbon paddle is extra light and very stiff. The more carbon, the lighter and stiffer the paddle.

2. Bamboo SUP paddle

A bamboo paddle is also wonderfully light, but slightly less stiff than a carbon paddle. Here too, a fixed paddle is always stiffer and gives a better push-off on the water.
fanatic bamboo peddel

3. Glass Fibre SUP paddle

A Glass Fibre sup paddle is also very light, but just a bit heavier than a carbon and/or bamboo paddle. In addition, they are also less stiff.
aqua marina solid sup peddel

Want to know more about SUP paddles? Watch the video below:


If you are on the water for at least 1.5 to 2 hours, then it is highly recommended to purchase a lighter paddle. This gives much more comfort and less strain on your arms and body. Keep an eye on! Before you buy a paddle is important to also consider the blade size, read more about this in our advice guide. For a 2-piece or 3-piece sup paddle, the aforementioned top 3 materials apply. Want to know more about the length of a sup paddle? Read our extensive blog about the right length of SUP Paddles. The correct length of the sup paddle is very different per person. Try it first with a vario paddle (2-piece paddle) to see which length you like best.

The best sup paddles for touring and racing can be found at ISUPCENTER.COM

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