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10 Reasons To Buy a Red Paddle co Paddle Board

Red paddle Co’s SUPs are among the strongest Paddle Boards out there. This is also one of the reasons why we sell Red Paddle on our webshop. In this blog we will tell you why Red Paddle has the strongest SUPS and we will also list 10 reasons why you should buy a Red Paddle Co paddle board. We researched why Red Paddle Co makes the best inflatable stand up paddle boards out there. They have tested their boards in extreme ways, like no other Stand Up Paddle Board brand would. These 10 tests are among the 10 reasons why you should choose a Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board. View all 10 reasons to buy a Red Paddle Co SUP board here:

1. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board vs Dogs

Nowadays there are a-lot of people who paddle together with their dog. Since most paddle boards are inflatable, the stand up paddle boards must be dog resistant. Would you like to know more about making your SUP as safe as possible for your dog? Then view our top 5 most popular dog SUP accessories. In addition, we have also researched which boards are best suited to go paddle boarding with your dog.

2. Inflatable stand up paddle board vs motor

This test with the motor shows how sturdy the Red Paddle Co paddle boards are.

3. Inflatable stand up paddle board vs rugby players

With these extreme tests, Red Paddle Co clearly shows how strong the paddle boards are. This test with rugby players shows what these inflatable boards can withstand. This is another reason to buy these boards!

4. Inflatable stand up paddle board vs ninjas

The fourth reason to buy an inflatable paddle board from Red Paddle Co is that they can really take a beating. This video shows this perfectly.

5. Inflatable stand up paddle board vs land rover

Red Paddle Co’s paddle boards are tested in unique ways. Here they once again show how strong the Red Paddle boards are.

6. Inflatable stand up paddle board vs paintball

This is perhaps the most unique test to test a inflatable board with. Here the paddle board of Red Paddle is being shot at with shots of up to 289KM per hour. The sup boards are almost impossible to break!

7. Inflatable stand up paddle board vs heavy car tire

So far, the Red Paddle sups have survived everything. This test shows that it can even withstand a car tire of up to 120 kg! The car tire is launched from a height of 3.5 meters.

8. Inflatable stand up paddle board vs tractor

The red paddle sups cannot be broken, we already had a test with a motor for this. The same test is now done with a much heavier tractor.

9. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board vs Dropping

Even a good fall can’t stop a Red Paddle SUP:

10. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board vs Big Digger

This is the most extreme test ever done with an inflatable paddle board from Red Paddle. This test clearly shows why Red Paddle Co makes the best inflatable boards out there.


Red Paddle’s inflatable sups are without a doubt the best inflatable paddle boards out there. The above videos are 10 reasons to buy a paddle board from Red Paddle Co. The boards are super strong, stiff and almost impossible to break. Red Paddle gives up to 5 years manufacturer’s warranty, the quality of the brand is really high. Red Paddle Co is the best SUP brand and is definitely worth your money!

Do you want to know more about Red Paddle Stand Up Paddle Boards? Then take a look at our purchase advice for Red Paddle Co. Do you want to be sure that you are making the right purchase? Be sure to check out our purchase advice for Stand Up Paddle Boards in general.

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